• Aims and Scope

Aims and Scope

Acta Politologica (AcPo) is a political science peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Politcal Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. The journal was established in 2009 and is published three times a year (January, April and October). The standard issues are on-line. Special issues are occasionally published in printed form. AcPo publishes articles both in English and Czech. The journal is published with the financial support of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Acta Politologica publishes texts on a wide range of political science themes, including comparative politics, political philosophy, political sociology, international relations, European studies, security studies etc. Articles are published in Czech or English. The journal accepts for review original manuscriptss based on the author's own research, as well as review articles, reviews, reports from conferences, etc. ACPO’s readership includes a wide range of people, who are interested in political science as a broad academic discipline. The journal addresses above all scholars and students, but also policy makers and other readers.

ACPO is committed to objective, impartial and fair review process. All original articles undergo double-blind peer-review process, which results in at least two reviews and their respective recommendations. The reviewers receive an anonymous version of the original scientific articles exclusively through the AcPo online submission system, which is also used for the subsequent submission of reviews. However, the editors reserve the right to “desk reject” (without review, or after a quick examination by an editorial board member) articles submitted to ACPO on the basis of a low quality of the articles (such as poor language, unclear message, inconsistency, inaccuracy, unsuitability, unclear impact or novelty of the article etc.).

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