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Acta Politologica (AcPo) is a political science peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Political Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. The journal was established in 2009 and is published twice a year. The standard issues are posted online. Special issues are occasionally published in printed form. AcPo publishes articles both in Czech and English. The journal accepts for review original scientific articles based on the author's own research, as well as reviews, review articles, reports from conferences, etc. The journal is indexed with and included in Google Scholar, ERIH PLUS and CEEOL.

Current issue

2017 | Vol. 9 | No. 1


Jakub Franěk

Cultural Diversity and Value Pluralism in European and Global Politics


Martijn Boot

Does Value Pluralism Prevent Consensus on Justice?

Jill McArdle

Alternative Approaches to Public Reason in Pluralistic Societies

Angela Roothaan

Political and Cultural Identity in the Global Postcolony: Postcolonial Thinkers on the Racist Enlightenment and the Struggle for Humanity

Olena Lyubchenko

The Ukrainian Crisis: A Case of ‘New Orientalism’

Giorgos Bithymitris

Socio-cultural Aspects of Neo-nationalism in Crisis Contexts: An Empirical Analysis of Liminal Workers’ Perceptions in Greece (2011-2015)