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About Acta Politologica

Acta Politologica is web-based political science journal (ExternĂ­ odkaz www.acpo.cz), published since 2009 thrice a year in on-line version and once a year in print version. It is edited by Department of Political science of the Institute of political science (IPS) at Faculty of social science at Charles University (FSV UK) in Prague. The journal is published with financial support from FSV UK.

Acta Politologica represents the result of collective effort of Department of Political science of IPS FSV UK members. It is linked to discussions associated with both internal and international meetings and conferences, proceed at Faculty of social science at Charles University in Prague in terms of Research project FSV UK (MSM 0021620841 - Development of Czech society in EU: challenges and risks) from year 2005. These meetings show the lack of interdisciplinary communication as one of the persisting problems in the field of social sciences.

Acta Politologica is an expression of interest to link political science analysis with knowledge of specialist of other social science disciplines (history, sociology, anthropology, culturology etc.). Members of Department of Political science IPS FSV UK wish to offer the opportunity for discussion about methodological and thematic questions associated with analysis of dynamics of power relations changes in various types of societies (democratic, undemocratic, modern or traditional). The aim of founders is to strengthen the ties of Czech political science with other branches of social science and currently open up to contact with relevant research from abroad to Czech public.

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