• For authors and reviewers

For authors and reviewers

Acta Politologica which publishes texts on a wide range of political science themes, including comparative politics, political philosophy, political sociology, international relations, European studies, security studies etc. The journal accepts for review original scientific articles based on the author's own research, as well as review articles, reviews, reports from conferences, etc.

All original scientific articles sent to Acta Politologica go through a mutually anonymous review process which results in at least two reviews and their respective recommendations. The reviewers receive an anonymous version of the original scientific articles exclusively through the AcPo online submission system. Articles are published in Czech or English.

Each article shall include (in a footnote on the first page) the article author’s name, position at an institution, full address and contact information. In addition, the articles shall have abstract and keywords. Any attachments (tables, graphs , diagrams or images etc.) shall be numbered continuously. These attachments shall also include their source. Authors are required to adhere to the Acta Politologica citation norm.

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