Articles are published in:

  • English language or

  • Czech language


Texts should be submitted in MS Word only:

  • * .doc

  • * .docx

Affiliation of authors

Each author shall in a footnote on the first page of the article include his/her:

  • name

  • position

  • full address of his/her workplace

  • contact email

Authors are required to provide their indetifier:

Authors are recommended to provide their identifier:

Title of the text

Each text must contain its title in English. Titles of the English texts need not be translated into Czech.

Format: Calibri font 16 points, bold font style (bold)

Abstract and keywords

Each text must include:

  • abstract in English

  • keywords in English

Format of abstracts: Calibri -- font size of 12 points -- italica typeface (italics)

Format of keywords: Calibri -- font size of 12 points -- italica typeface (italics)


If the article has more than two levels of headings, it is strongly recommended to mark the different levels:

Level 1 Heading

Level 2 Heading

Level 3 Heading

Format Level 1 titles: Calibri -- font size of 14 points -- bold typeface

Format Level 2 titles: Calibri -- font size of 12 points -- bold typeface

Format Level 3 titles: Calibri -- font size of 12 points -- italics


Format: Calibri -- font size of 12 points -- normal typeface

Line spacing: 1.15

Authors are required to adhere to the standard citation norms of Acta Politologica.


Any attachments (tables, graphs, diagrams or images, etc.) must be numbered continuously; it is also necessary to indicate the source of the data.

Attachments marking

It is essential that all tables, graphs and attachments are correctly numbered, even if the text contains only one item.

This numbering is used also in the text. Ex.: As you can see in Figure 1 ...

Attachments are referred to as Table 1 and Figure 1, etc.

Attachments referencing

Below the table, graph or other attachments, the source must be referred to, even if it is the author's own work.

  • Source: (Author's surname year of publication: number of page).

  • Source: Author based on his / her own calculation.

  • Source: (Smith 2016: 56), adapted by the author.

Format of attachments:

Tables and charts should be sent as an MS Excel file

  • * .xls

  • * .xlsx

Other attachments (pictures, maps, etc.) must be connected in a readable form and in a commonly used format (.jpg, .png, .gif ...)

Uploading attachments

Attachments (tables, figures, images etc.) should be (1) submitted separately and also (2) placed within the text in an appropriate place.