Vol. 12, No. 2


Vlastimil Havlík, Lenka Komůrková Alternativa, nebo doplněk stranické demokracie? Podpora technokratickému vládnutí v České republice

The article deals with support of technocracy as an alternative system of the governance in the Czech Republic. In this article, technocracy is perceived as opposed to party democracy. The article contributes to the debate on the decline of party democracy and its possible replacement with another type of government. Based on the data from the European Values Study and using binomial logistic regression, the article explains the technocratic attitudes among the Czech citizens. On the contrary to the existing literature, technocratic government does not seem to be perceived as a substitute to party government but rather as a supplement to it.

Jaroslav Bílek Příčiny represe a manipulace v hybridních režimech Latinské Ameriky

This article is concerning the topic of authoritarian repressive strategies in hybrid regimes in Latin America. Despite the current academic literature being interwoven with references to the presence of authoritarian repressive strategies in competitive regimes, there is only a little attention being paid to the analysis of their causes in hybrid regimes by the researchers. The goal of this article is to fill the gap, at least partly, and to contribute to resolving this issue by confronting the existing theoretical knowledge with the empirical reality of Latin America. The conclusions show that a big part of the theoretical knowledge that was gathered in recent years will need to be at least revised. First, I find that extensive international relations to the USA reduces the level of intimidation against oppositions, but not affect the other authoritarian repressive strategies. Second, the results show that rulers do not choose the form of repression based on whether they have or not they have a legislative majority. And finally, these results show that our ability to explain the causes of long-term repression is fairly limited.



Michal Bula Zpráva z události: Politika a sport v současném světě


Josef Mlejnek Důkladná inventura české politiky - Recenze BALÍK, Stanislav; HLOUŠEK, Vít; HOLZER, Jan; KOPEČEK, Lubomír; PŠEJA, Pavel; ROBERTS, Andrew (2019). Od Palackého k Babišovi. Česká politika 19. až 21. století. Dokořán, Masarykova univerzita 2019, 350 s. ISBN 978-80-7363-968-6 (Dokořán), 978-80-210-9168-9 (Masarykova univerzita).